The site specific
Curator: Marcelo Rezende, Fernando Oliva (Brazil)
Created especially for the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, this platform involves the creation of a website in order to show the work of artists in YouTube. The program will not be limited solely to video art, but will incorporate the widest range of products/videos available on YouTube. We intend to work with architect Rem Koolhaas' concept of 'Junkspace', which he describes as, "what remains after modernization has run its course". We have appropriated his concept in order to map out the territory of a possible total Junkspace: the Internet. Located within this space, YouTube is an exemplary window on the production and consumption of Junkspace. A place in which strength and power relations are visible, showing YouTube is also a tool for fighting the post-industrial society that created it, as if one could see an eternal time-zone in YouTube, where the sun rises only to die the next instant. Light and darkness, East and West, consumption and revolutions - all of these forces, allied or in opposition, contained in a single sphere, the luminous sphere of the Internet. The Site Specific also includes a video installation on versao composta (composite version) 2004, by Raquel Garbelotti and Rubens Mano. Website: The Site Specific com as minhas sombras etc